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Umbrella Fair export up to $ 1,500,000
     Recently, this reporter learned from the Canton Fair, Canton Fair Umbrella export momentum. Only Song Ha Industrial Zone, Shangyu, Zhejiang's paper umbrella companies in this year's trade exports reached had the intention to reach $ 1,500,000.
    According to the Industrial Area with umbrella enterprise Lvmiao Fen director, told this reporter in the economic crisis and under the onslaught of influenza A H1N1 flu, did not expect to get in this year's trade volume so good. Lvmiao Fen said the intention of such transactions, far beyond the achievements of the last Fair.

   It Lvmiao Fen analysis, export a single one of the reasons is that the increase in Shangyu, Zhejiang region of this paper umbrellas to participating companies to 20, is the last 4 times; addition, "Premier Wen Jiabao visited the Canton Fair, but also to many customers with to the confidence. " It is reported by the umbrella 30% of raw material prices, the local umbrella company in the first quarter to an increase of 120%. In 2008, the local umbrella output has exceeded 52 billion yuan.

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